Reflections On The Return Of Work Electric Bicycles And Tricycles

Electric Tricycles

In this time of global crisis, everyone is trying to decrease the use of cars, using them as little as possible. Only in this way can we fight those who want to impose their models on us !!! this year for the first time the sales of bicycles have exceeded the sales of cars, maybe because people have realized that the bicycle. It’s worth it!!

So we use the car less and the bicycle more city e-bikes, mountain e-bikes or why not even adult electric tricycles.

In fact, from Northern Europe, the fashion of cargo bikes is coming, which are cargo bicycles or even tricycles (3-wheeled bicycles), specifically designed for the transport of packs or goods within historical centers, but also mothers use them. Parents bring their children to school. Anyone who has recently been to Denmark or the Netherlands will have noticed them for sure.

Abroad, especially in France and Northern Europe, it is also common to see tricycles selling ice cream, hot dogs, or other street food. A Tricycle for street vending requires a very limited investment compared to opening a traditional shop. For this reason, again in relation to the Economic Crisis and the widespread loss of jobs, there are many people who decide to start a peddling or parcel transport business, delivery of shopping at home, or delivery of private post offices in the centers.

In any case, if you are taking the passion for the cargo bike, know that it can give you great satisfaction to study how to set it up and do it yourself. It is not difficult, just a little manual skills and above all a lot of imagination.

The cargo tricycles for transport can be used as a mobile point of sale, they can be set up as a sale of hot dogs, or ice cream, or flowers, or books, or as a bench for djing on the street, or as a promotion for events, as a mobile counter to serve aperitifs or to transport the bride to a wedding and in any case, people’s imagination is infinite and we thank all these people who have given us suggestions and stimuli to believe in work tricycles.